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How to make someone your kick returner in retro bowl

In the mobile game Retro Bowl, you can make someone your kick returner by assigning them to the kick return position in your team’s roster. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Access the Team Management Menu:
    • Open the Retro Bowl game on your mobile device.
    • From the main menu, tap on “Team.”
    • This will take you to the team management menu.
  2. Select a Player:
    • In the team management menu, you will see a list of your team’s players, along with their positions and attributes.
    • Scroll through the list and select the player you want to assign as the kick returner. Look for a player with good speed and agility, as these attributes are crucial for effective kick returns.
  3. Edit Player Position:
    • Once you’ve selected the player, tap on “Edit Player” or a similar option, depending on the version of the game you’re playing.
  4. Change Position to “Kick Returner”:
    • In the player editing menu, you will see various attributes and settings for the selected player.
    • Look for an option that allows you to change the player’s position. This option might be labeled as “Position” or something similar.
    • Select “Kick Returner” from the available positions or a similar designation, depending on the game version.
  5. Save Changes:
    • After you’ve changed the player’s position to “Kick Returner,” make sure to save the changes before exiting the player editing menu. This may involve tapping a “Save” or “Confirm” button.
  6. Test in Games:
    • Your newly assigned kick returner will now be responsible for returning kicks during games.
    • Play games and pay attention to the player’s performance as a kick returner. If the player has good speed and agility, they should excel in this role.

Assigning a player as a kick returner can add an extra dimension to your team’s special teams play in Retro Bowl, potentially leading to better field position and scoring opportunities.

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