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Why should you buy at the current NSE share price?

If you have doubts about buying at the current NSE share price, they end here. NSE stock price’s continuous rise in recent months may be one of the reasons for many like you to show interest in diversifying your portfolio to have high returns, also, with favouring market conditions with most of the essential indexes in India trading at all-time highs. However, there are many other reasons why the NSE share price has been continuously rising in recent months.  It will help you to decide on buying the NSE stock price at the existing levels, which is to rise further because of coming out with an IPO soon and increasing revenue and profits continuously. 

So, let us check about NSE India and the reasons why you should buy at the current NSE share price to diversify your portfolio by investing in the world’s largest derivative exchange in terms of a number of contracts and capitalizing on its increased revenue and profit with its diversified services apart from earning vast amounts through the trading and depository charges.

Six reasons to buy at the current NSE share price 

In 2023, NSE crossed many milestones to continue for the fifth year as the world’s largest derivatives exchange in terms of the number of contracts. The market capitalisation of all the listed companies crossed 4 trillion dollars, and that of SME listed companies surpassed the one lakh crore rupees mark.  Hence, check out the many reasons to buy at the current NSE share price to make windfall returns in the short and long term. 

1.     NSE is to come out with an IPO in 2024 or 2025 as it is fulfilling most of the guidelines issued by SEBI for approval to list it in the exchanges

2.     Almost all the KPIs or key performance indicators of NSE, like the revenue, PAT, EBIDTA, etc, doubled from FY 2021 to 2023 and will increase further in the future.

3.     NSE not only revolutionised investing in stocks in India but also evolved to use innovative technology in the last three decades to make it easy, quick and transparent

4.     Not only is NSE a premium exchange in India for over 2,200 companies to list, but also its new initiative, “NSE EMERGE”, helps SMEs or small and medium enterprises to list without coming out with IPO to help them raise funds. 

5.     Every year, NSE increases its revenue and profit from the rapid rise in transaction charges and other services like listing, data feed, clearing, training & support for corporations, book building fees, and others.

6. It earns a high income by providing easy investing and other services and pays massive amounts of tax to the government with its enormous volume of trades daily.

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